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Parent Testimonials

“It was a gift to have both of our children attend Lisa’s Kindergarten class. Lisa is an extraordinary teacher in every sense. She creates a warm, supportive, welcoming space for the whole family, and deeply sees each individual child and their needs. Everything she does, she does with intention, care, and wisdom, and our children flourished in her class. As parents we learned so much from her wealth of knowledge in child development. We are eternally grateful to have had her as a partner in caring for our children during those critical years.”

Christina Holdrege and Edmund Muller

“Everything I need to know in life I learned in Lisa Miccio’s Kindergarten. How fortunate we were to have Lisa be the kindergarten teacher for our daughter in 2017 and then our son in 2019. Our children flourished under her care and love. Our parenting shaped, morphed for the better with her wisdom and guidance. In 2020 Lisa provided a strong support to the Kindergarten families during tumultuous times creating a bond within the group. Our children were held in such a safe and wondrous place where the world is good and they can just be kids. Our family is forever grateful for everything we learned in kindergarten. Thank you Lisa.”

Christine and Mihail Etropolski


“I had the pleasure of having Ms Miccio as my child's mixed kindergarten teacher for the past two years, and I cannot say enough positive things about her. From day one, she created a warm and welcoming environment that made my daughter feel comfortable and excited to learn.


Ms. Miccio is incredibly patient, understanding, knowledgeable and attentive. She takes the time to understand my daughter's individual needs. She has a gift for making each child feel seen and valued, and she creates a warm and welcoming environment in her classroom.


What impressed me the most about Ms. Miccio is her ability to make learning fun and engaging. She has a talent for finding creative ways to teach important concepts, and my child was always excited to come home and share what she had learned that day. Ms. Miccio kept us informed and involved throughout the entire school year. It was refreshing for us to have a teacher that is so easily accessible whether by phone or via email, she answered any questions we had promptly. Ms Miccio was understanding of my hectic work schedule and went above and beyond to keep me updated with my daughter's progress and ensured it was possible for me to partake in classroom activities. This truly made me feel like a valued member of the school community


Ms Miccio's passion for teaching and dedication to her students is truly remarkable, and we feel lucky and grateful to have had her as my child's kindergarten teacher.”  Nikeisha Stephens-Hines


“One Summer, when our daughter was fresh out of kindergarten, I was wrapping a gift for a friend’s birthday. My daughter came by and said ‘I’ll help you wrap the gift and tie the bow.’ Who taught you how to do that? I asked. ‘Mrs. Miccio.’ She smiled and went on to tie the most beautiful bow. To say that our family is eternally grateful to Mrs. Miccio would be an understatement and it’s not just for bow tying. Our family was lucky enough to be placed in Mrs. Miccio’s kindergarten, while she was at the Waldorf School of Garden City. Mrs. Miccio’s understanding and experience in child development is unsurpassed. Her programs are not just about caring for and teaching the child, it is about caring for  and teaching the entire family. You feel truly held by her and her generosity of knowledge gives the family the tools necessary to understand and consciously raise a sacred young one. Furthermore, Mrs. Miccio’s insights into each child is astounding and thereby helps you see into the soul of your child. Our daughter’s eyes still twinkle when Mrs. Miccio’s name is mentioned and we will forever think of her as our guardian angel! Mrs. Miccio is truly a master teacher! Your family could not be held in better hands!”

Rei Farid and Helmut Zoegall


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa Micco since my older child was 4. Not only was Lisa his teacher but mine as well. My younger son was also blessed to be in her care. During the time I have known Lisa she has helped to shape my understanding  of child development, ways to nurture and support my children as well as how to foster their natural curiosities and growth. I can easily say that my mothering has been deepened by listening to and learning from Lisa. Her love and wisdom left a deep and lasting impact on my children and the way they walk through the world, with kindness and reverence for nature and those around them. Though Lisa no longer teaches my children, I have continued to seek her out to help me support my children through big life transitions. Endless gratitude to have her in our lives.”

Nora Rubovitz


"“At times I felt completely unprepared for the job of being a parent. For every joy, there is also a new challenge to face. Meeting you and other parents who shared similar challenges helped me become the parent my son needs.”

Gary Osborne


"Parents and/or caregivers attending Berry Basket Early Childhood & Family Programs will be very fortunate, as I was, to have you as a guide. I always think of my time in your classes as a huge support and influence in how I raised my son in his early years. Thank you." 

Joe Madden

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