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About Us

A warm and nurturing community for children and parents that values connection.

Inspired by the wisdom of Waldorf education, our playgroup classes provide a safe environment where children explore and engage in self-initiated play, and parents experience a welcoming, compassionate community. 

Supporting Child Development

Play is the most important way that young children learn and develop. At Berry Basket there is ample time and space for children to

  •  explore through movement and motor development, 

  • encounter natural and sensory rich materials, 

  • engage in concrete, direct experiences, 

  • and begin taking small steps towards social interactions beyond their home and families. 

These experiences are the building blocks for healthy cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development, and provide the foundation for optimal brain development, emotional regulation, problem solving, and resilience. 

Nurturing Families

Parenting doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, lonely journey.

When your little one is giving you a hard time do you…


  • Secretly wish for more successful cooperation with your child?

  • Feel unsure what to do when tantrums come out of nowhere?

  • Feel guilty when you react differently than you want?

  • Worry whether you’re giving your child all they need even though you’re trying hard to give your best?


We believe that parents and caregivers of children under three years old have one of the most important jobs in the world. Berry Basket playgroup classes offer parents 

  • a welcoming and respectful environment where they can bring their questions, 

  • find support for their challenges, 

  • discover new tips for caregiving, 

  • and offer their own newfound insights to others in the group. 


Through compassionate conversations that support the daily ups and downs of parenting young children, balanced with opportunities for quiet observation, parents deepen their growing understanding of child development and discover how their children learn through play.

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